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Thread: Guy Garvey (of Elbow): a six-track mix

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    Default Guy Garvey (of Elbow): a six-track mix

    I just found an old article which I ripped out of a newspaper months ago and had forgotten about. It's a list of six tracks which Guy Garvey (the lead singer of Elbow) picked as his six favourite songs at the time.

    His six songs are:

    1. Green Gloves by The National

    2. En Gallop by Joanna Newsom

    3. Alley Flowers by Jolie Holland

    4. Samba De Benaco by Bebel Gilberto

    5.Speaking With The Angel by Ron Sexsmith

    6. How Can I Stop? by Nancy Elizabeth

    Anyway, I realised with some embarrassment that I don't actually know any of those songs. So could somebody post a download link to any of them, or - even better still - email them to me? My email address is yostef , at the best email provider. By the way, did I mention how much I like Gmail? Well, I do.

    That would be great. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Guy Garvey (of Elbow): a six-track mix

    how could you not have heard Green Gloves?
    that's weird

    Bebel Gilberto is the daughter of Joao Gilberto ("Girl from Ipanema")
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    Default Re: Guy Garvey (of Elbow): a six-track mix

    Joanna Newsom. Swoon.
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    Default Re: Guy Garvey (of Elbow): a six-track mix

    Guy Garvey. Swoon. He does a great impression of Janet Jackson.


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