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    I rented a nice room for Weekend 2, it has it's own bathroom/hot tub/jacuzzi and a seperate entrance from the main house. I'm going by myself this year and would like to split the costs with someone. I don't care who shares the room with me as long as you're not a psycho or rapist. I'm a 19 year old rock climber from SoCal & will gladly sleep on the floor or couch if you want the bed. The room was 300$ so I'd just ask for 150 for all 3 nights

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    I can definitely use a place to stay all my friends bailed on my last minute. PM me more details or hit me up 310-940-9463

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    Hey I'm reallly interested.. I think my friend needs a place too, PM me or text me at 949-294-6608. We'll be leaving from Orange County!

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