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Thread: Space for 1-2 People Weekend 2!

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    Default Space for 1-2 People Weekend 2!

    Hey. We're 3 girls driving from Orange County on Thursday around noon. We have a car and a car camping pass. We're looking for one or two people to camp with us or some people who want to caravan and have good time! Message me if you're interested or have any questions!
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    Hey my buddy and I are flying in from Portland Oregon on Thursday. We'll be there around noon. I'm 22 he's 21. We got screwed over and purchased a camping pass that we can't use because its not connected to our wristbands, so we're looking for a site to crash at. We can chip in for the cost of the space. We're planning on bringing food and beer and would be more then happy to share whatever! Let me know! Thanks! ~Zach

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    We might need extra space. Let me know if still available

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    I'm flying solo this year and looking for people to hang with. I'm 29. Message me!

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    Hey I'm a solo female; 24. I'm going to be flying in from Colorado. Is your space still available? I'd be willing to chip in for my spot, but would want specifics if you'd want me to bring anything else. Let me know if the space is still available! =]]

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