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Thread: GA/VIP/ETC just went on sale again

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    Default GA/VIP/ETC just went on sale again

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    Default Re: GA/VIP/ETC just went on sale again

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    Default Re: GA/VIP/ETC just went on sale again

    Whoops, I see I am late on this one. Thought they went up today, didn't realize it'd been a couple days.

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    Default Re: GA/VIP/ETC just went on sale again

    My friend got one of these for weekend 1. It's pretty weird that it's playstation and all, but as I'm sure everyone is by now aware, it's through frontgate and legit and everything, and cool that it's face value too.
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    Default Re: GA/VIP/ETC just went on sale again

    I really wish they could also sell more camping passes so I have no doubt about my upcoming transaction to trade for one

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    Default Re: GA/VIP/ETC just went on sale again

    Great. I have a friend who is in the market for a VIP ticket. What a solution.

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    Default Re: GA/VIP/ETC just went on sale again

    You mean GA/VIP both weekends still available at
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