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Thread: 2 VIP Coachella Tickets-4/12/2012

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    Default 2 VIP Coachella Tickets-4/12/2012

    This is for 2 - Coachella 2013 VIP Passes / Wristbands
    Weekend 1 - 04/12/2013 - 04/14/2013 Empire Polo Club (Indio, CA)
    Price: $1630

    These tickets are amazing!!! The ticket/pass/wristband are for sale because my friends all backed out due to work issues and aren't able to come and neither can my wife, so
    I won't be able to make Coachella this year. Purchased tickets during the pre-sale last May.

    The VIP area is amazing. You immediately enter into one of the two VIP areas. VIP areas afford you separate toilets that are immaculate and also
    a few are air-conditioned. The VIP areas also have their own bars in air-conditioned tents. Unlike GA, you can see the stage and drink your alcohol
    whereas GA areas do not allow alcohol near stage. Also the food is great in the VIP. And when it is all done, you get to exit just as quickly as you entered.
    You will never go back to GA after the VIP experience!

    I have 2 tickets. Tickets will be mailed DIRECTLY to you via UPS. No need to worry about the tickets not arriving in time or buying from inexperienced
    and/or fraudulent sellers. I will send UPS GROUND with tracking information(price includes OVERNIGHT SHIPPING). after I receive payment.
    I should be receiving these tickets sometime in the next week.
    Payment to be made secure via PayPal.

    281 - six 1 seven - 9 one 8 four-- call or text
    Please email/pm/text me if you have any questions!!


    HAPPY COACHELLA and thanks for looking!

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    Default Re: 2 VIP Coachella Tickets-4/12/2012

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