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Thread: The Bad Karma Thread - Your Worst Coachella Day and The Worst Coachella Sets Ever

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    Default The Bad Karma Thread - Your Worst Coachella Day and The Worst Coachella Sets Ever

    Dig in here, be merciless...

    Least Favorite Day Ever - Saturday 2010 - Don't get me wrong, there were some gem sets...Almighty Defenders were a lively and hysterical starter, Gossip was fantastic, Devo was a blast and what one could hear of Dead Weather's set was solid...but daytime flow was decimated by the Volcano, especially loss of Frightened Rabbits and Temper Trap, crowds squeezed me out of Portugal The Man, and every where else I turned it was bad prog (and I like prog) Muse a worse headliner than Jack Johnson in my book...their music so cheesed out can't get past it, then duds like Porcupine Tree, a horrible sets from MGMT and Shooter Jennings, flat, just okay efforts from The Xx, Dirty Projectors, Camera Obscura, Girls, and the massively overrated Band Of Skulls.

    My Worst Coachella Sets of All Time (2008 - Present):

    1. Sly Stone (2010) - May never be surpassed in the train wreck department, but such a train wreck, almost doesn't deserve worst rating, as it was impossible not to watch.

    2. DFA 1979 (2011) - Like the album but live what a dreadful melodically challenged hour to sit through, at a mainstage 6pm slot that should have been given to the vastly superior National.

    3. Animal Collective (2010) - They've got some great do the Doors...Hard to see this band being viewed as anything but the most overrated band of the last decade in another ten years. Or maybe I hated this set so much just because I don't do drugs (my tripping friends seems to like it a lot more than I). But to these sober eyes, I've never witnessed another set where the band seemed more disconnected from the audience...Afterburner made the last half hour interesting for a few minutes, but overall, just such a fucking waste of time, spent with a band that is given way, way too much credit critically...why oh why is Youth Lagoon suddenly moving in this direction.

    4. Miguel (2011) - Gotta give Miguel credit, he's rebounded well, but this opening Firday 2011 set was the most unintentionally cheesy Coachella set I've ever seen.

    5. Murder City Devils (2009) - Some no-name hardcore punk outfit Tollett popped a boner for after seeing live locally and added to 2009 schedule at last minute. Somehow ended up in the tent and seeing over half the show. Haven't heard of this band since, not the slightest bit surprised.

    6. Fleet Foxes (2009) - Possibly the most cowardly showing I've witnessed at the festival. Drowned out by Thievery Corporation on the main, they wilted under the pressure and the size of the crowd and let the crowd choose whether to end on Myknos or Blue Ridge Mountains when they had plenty of time left for both.

    7. Givers (2012) - The moment I knew that bright, Pitchfork-hyped, polyglot indie pop of last five years had finally run its course, an all energy, no conceptual clue-type set. Not an ounce of coherent artistic intention on display.

    I'd list Passion Pit 2010 - but I bailed within seconds of seeing lead singer try to belch out his falsetto notes the first time...a genuinely disturbing sight. But the story has a happy ending, I ended up watching backup plan Gil Scott Heron, who delivered what remains to this day one of my all-time favorite Coachella Sets.
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