I have read the rules about cooking in the onsite camping area, notably the rule that reads "Feel free to bring your own food and beverages into onsite camping, but unfortunately there will be NO open fires, gas, charcoal, propane or any other cooking devices allowed".

But what about the Sterno canned gel heating method? It's non-spill and there's no gas, fuel or open flames involved. Even if you all tell me I'm crazy for asking, I would still like to know.

http://www.sterno.com/consumer/consumer_gel_fuels.aspx?kwid=1&descid=2&pg=consume r_gel_fuels.aspx

According to their website, benefits include:

  • Solid gel safety - No free liquids to spill.
  • Alcohol based formulation burns extremely clean with no harmful emissions.
  • Consistent heat output of 205F holds foods above recommended FDA levels.
  • Each can label features the patented “Smart Can” heat sensing technology. Our heat indicator turns from blue when cool to the word “Hot” when it’s lit and too hot to touch. When it’s cool again, it turns back to blue.
  • Ethanol based formulation is non-toxic.
  • Consistently delivers the promised burn times.
  • Patented gel formulation eliminates dangerous flare ups and is odorless, smokeless, and clean burning.
  • Can be extinguished and relit as many times as necessary until all the contents are consumed.
  • Portable and compact enough for backpacks, picnic baskets and RV’s.