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Thread: From Edmonton to Indio for wknd2

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    Default From Edmonton to Indio for wknd2

    Hi forum

    i am an australian currently in Edmonton, me and three others will be driving from edmonton to indio starting on tuesday the 16th. we will have one perhaps two spots in the car for any fun loving individuals (no rapists) or perhaps couples (also no rapey couples) we can sop to pick you up anywhere on our route over the two days. We are pretty much driving south, so if your interested do a search for directions on google maps and you will be able to see our route.

    We will be making it to 29 palms california for the wednesday night but can probably drop people off in the inland empire area anywhere that suits and isnt to far out of our way.

    so let us know if we can help you get to the polo fields!


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    Default Re: From Edmonton to Indio for wknd2

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    Default Re: From Edmonton to Indio for wknd2

    I'm from Eugene, Oregon. If you're going down I-5 at that point I would love a ride. I've Carpooled before to Coachella, so I know the costs. I have a car camping pass if you want to stay at the festival (it's a great experience).

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    Default Re: From Edmonton to Indio for wknd2

    hi kelly, im not sure which route we're heading but ill check it out and if thats the case we may have room. We have a car pass so no worries on that, send me a pm and we can check it out

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