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Thread: In need of a ride from Palm Springs

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    Default In need of a ride from Palm Springs

    Howdy, I'm flying in to Palm Springs Thursday around 1 and was wondering if there was anyone out there willing to hook me up with a ride or that would like to split a cab to Coachella. Also I leave early Monday morning from Palm Springs and if anyone would like to split a cab after the last set Sunday let me know.

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    Default Re: In need of a ride from Palm Springs


    I arrive at PSP around 12:30 on Thursday, and I'm heading to Palm Desert from there.

    I've rented a tiny car but there should be room for one other person if you won't have tons of luggage, and it's no big deal to drop you at the campground, it's just a few more miles down the road. You can help me navigate (I've made the drive before, not to worry!)

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    I also have a rental car leaving PSP around 1pm heading directly to to festival. Anyone interested msg me.!!!

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    Default Re: In need of a ride from Palm Springs

    Me too! Thursday A.M. and leaving Monday P.M.

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