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Thread: Closeout moment of 2013?

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    only one way to close this year


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    Quote Originally Posted by knotted_donuts View Post
    I'm just going to preface this by saying: never look forward to the end of Coachella; there's plenty of time for it to be over.

    That being said, some of my fondest memories of Coachella are the final performances... the ones that stick out most are:

    The Cure getting shut off after missing curfew, 2009:

    Roger Waters, 2008 (ignoring the shaky camera, this is exactly what I had hoped for from The Dark Side of the Moon):

    I hope James Blake finishes 2013 with this:

    I'd love to see James Blake close it down with this!

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    To me, it shares some of the sentiments and vibes of the closing track of the Coachella DVD:

    I don't know if Zero 7 actually closed out the festival in 2002, but it made a great ending to the DVD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    So you skipped Plastikman? Big mistake.
    And Orbital. A lot of mistakes were made by Mr. Neutron that year.

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    "I am The resurrection"!
    Coachella 99' 01',02',03',04',05',06',07',08',09',10',11',12',13 ' and counting

    Ski Punx
    "We ride skis."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twattycakes View Post
    The Faint would be a pretty good sendoff.
    They were great closing one of the FYF stages last year.

    Gorillaz was a great set and then was suuuuuuch a disappointment at the end.
    Quote Originally Posted by electrocute View Post
    That is a very "devocatory" statement

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