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Thread: water cool down...

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    Lightbulb water cool down...

    That'll be nice if GV had some way to cool people down. Especially in the main stage. There was one year that they used a good size water hose. Although they teased us, turning it a for a short time. But it was fucking bliss to feel the cool
    mist, after being in the scorching sun for 5 hours in one place.

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    Default Re: water cool down...

    Actually, I agree...I think a nice waterhose deal would be good...the only reason I can think of that they might not do it would be that the turf at Empire might get torn up really bad if you mix water with the high-traffic areas. Not sure if that's the reason they havent done it recently or not...
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    Default Re: water cool down...

    They had that mister fan near the entrance last year, kinda by the merchandise tent. That was nice. We tried sticking my friend in front of it in hopes it would sober her up. Alas, it did not work.
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    Default Re: water cool down...

    Outside by the Oasis tent I believe there was a shower type thingy that reminded me of a birdbath because it was always so crowded...
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