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Thread: hotel shuttles vs driving and parking

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    I keep trying to find a similar thread but no one seems to be asking exactly what I need to know. Bought a VIP travel package through Coachella since that's what was left. I had to rent a car to get from San Diego airport to the hotel. Now I know that the hotels have shuttles to and from the fest but I saw a few posts about how getting off the shuttle and through security took people like an hour and a half or more last year. So I am now wondering if maybe I should buy a VIP parking pass and just drive the rental car instead? Any one who has experience driving and parking versus taking the hotel shuttle, your replies would be much appreciated. Don't want to spend an extra $150 for a parking pass if it's not too bad with the shuttle. But don't want to miss early sets waiting to get off the damn shuttle either. Thanks

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    The shuttles are great, but we bought the VIP parking this year due to our unfortunate security (first check after getting off shuttle) experience last year and our house is closer to the field. There's talk of it in this thread:

    Looking at the parking map for this year it doesn't look like they're guiding you through the camp grounds, which was why they had the double security last year.

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