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Thread: How much beer can you bring to Coachella?

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    Default How much beer can you bring to Coachella?

    So does anybody have the word on how much beer you are allowed to bring to Coachella per person?

    Of course it would have to be cans.

    Also are spirits allowed in a plastic bottle?

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    Default Re: How much beer can you bring to Coachella?

    The camping FAQ states:

    • Reasonable amount of beer (limited to 1 case of beer per person) (NO KEGS, NO GLASS, NO LIQUOR), for personal consumption only (NO VENDING), by folks who are of legal age (21), will be permitted to be brought onto the camping areas (not concert area). If, however, in the security's judgment it appears that the amount of alcohol is excessive for the number of persons in the vehicle, or if anyone in the vehicle is under 21 years of age, the organizers reserve the right to deny entry of the vehicle and/or confiscate the alcohol. Kegs may not be brought onto the property. Please keep these things in mind and be sensible about how much you plan to bring in. Beer will be available for purchase on the concert field. Yes, boxed wine is ok to bring, too.

      1 case meant around 30 beers last year. Basically a flat of beer. If you're camping you can also take the free shuttle to Ralphs and buy more beer. Alcohol not allowed. Get sneaky if you can't live without your Popov.
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    Default Re: How much beer can you bring to Coachella?

    I've seen them pass people with liquor into the campground, but not on Thursday. Thursday they crack down on people trying to sneak it in other drinks/ bottom of the cooler/ yadda yadda. Shouldn't be too hard though.

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