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Thread: Flying and Camping Advice

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    Default Flying and Camping Advice

    Flying from Vancouver, Does anyone have good packing/luggage advice. IE necessities, how to pack, what to pack (no need to mention obvious stuff, ive read through the forum).
    Im thinking about buying a big cooler with wheels and a tow handle and putting everything in there (tent, sleeping bag etc) tapping it shut and hoping the TSA will be clever enough to tape it back shut if they so choose to search it....same with the two big Mexicans that search your stuff on the way into coachella entrance.

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    Corinn - I do this every year. I usually pack what I can into one or two big ass suitcases filled with camping gear. Then I will go to a 24 hour Wal Mart or hit a target store in the am and buy a shitty cooler and all the snacky foods I need. TSA may be nice, but thats a scary way to do it. Hit me up on PM if you want to talk specifics.

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    You can also buy stuff at and have it held at the store of your choice so when you walk in it is ready to go, no need to worry about important items being out of stock, etc.

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