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Thread: Tucson/Phoenix, I need a ride-place to stay

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    Default Tucson/Phoenix, I need a ride-place to stay

    I'm 23 and live in Tucson but I can get up to Phoenix. I need a ride and a place to stay, as well as a a ride back to either tucson or phoenix. This is my third coachella, and I could ride with my friends but not sure where any of us are gonna stay. In all actuality I would much rather meet some new people to share this experience with and have no problem splitting any costs. Email me to let me know at I have no problem talking over the phone about little details just email first.

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    Default Re: Tucson/Phoenix, I need a ride-place to stay

    I might be able to help you out with a ride, but not a place to stay. I'm camping on-site.
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    Default Re: Tucson/Phoenix, I need a ride-place to stay

    We got both covered, but you would have to come to Chandler. $100 for everything.

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