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Thread: Whwn do tickets for 2014 go on sale?

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    Cool Whwn do tickets for 2014 go on sale?

    Hiya, I'm from the UK and will be in Cali next April and planning on going to the festival if I can get tickets.
    Do tickets sell out fast, when do they go on sale and how do I guarntee that I can get some? Thanks so much guys, I so wanna come!!!

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    Default Re: Whwn do tickets for 2014 go on sale?

    No one here really knows. The pre-sale seems to happen earlier each year. It's wise to start paying attention immediately after this year's festival ends. If I recall correctly, the pre-sale for 2013 happened in May of last year and it only lasted a few hours. The normal sale won't happen until January 2014 and both weekends sell out quickly. Last year, both weekends sold out only a few hours after the regular sale. This year, both weekends were gone in about 24 hours.
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    Default Re: Whwn do tickets for 2014 go on sale?

    The homepage has a spot on the bottom left where you can sign up for the newsletter. You should get an email then when they make major announcements, including on sale dates. That's how I know every year.

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    Default Re: Whwn do tickets for 2014 go on sale?

    fuck you

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    solid advice to sign up for their mailing list. You are probably already on it if you bought tix for this year from I think last year it was early June for the presale. Also, generally, you won't need to throw down almost a year in advance if you want to go to Weekend 2. Last two years, Weekend 2 tix have been available pretty easily during the regular sale.
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    Default Re: Whwn do tickets for 2014 go on sale?

    One word: Whwn

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    this is the last year. That's whwn.

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