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Thread: AWOLNATION 2012

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    Default AWOLNATION 2012

    As great of opinions as I hear on this board, I feel like one underrated experience was AWOLNATION 2012.

    AWOLNATION came into Coachella 2012 as one of the most highly anticipated acts. Sail was at the top of the charts, and it was enjoying significant airplay on KROQ, among other A-list stations. I posted up at the stage just after the gates opened to ensure a prime spot for this once in a lifetime experience. I tried to enjoy other bands in the meantime, but the anticipation for AWOLNATIONs performance was too great and prohibited me from providing my attention to these other deserving acts.

    Blame it on the ADD....

    When AWOLNATION took the stage it was an experience like no other. I would consider it a "moment" for those in attendance in the sense that Daft Punk 2006 was for our Coachella forefathers.

    AWOLNATION did not disappoint, and has earned a throne in the great halls of Coachella history.

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    I actually enjoyed them as well. A moment though give me a break . It was a good performance nothing legendary .

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    Default Re: AWOLNATION 2012

    Wait for it
    Quote Originally Posted by TomAz View Post
    Hey here's an idea. You know those people who are desperately poor, down on their luck, uneducated, abused, and generally ill-equipped for life? Let's make fun of them.

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    Default Re: AWOLNATION 2012

    When the lead singer crowd surfed on a wake board, that was pretty cool. You could tell he's actually good at it.

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    Default Re: AWOLNATION 2012

    I was very underwhelmed. There was decent amount of energy, but the music didn't move me. One of my least favorite sets of 2012.
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    ^Likewise. After watching Dennis of Refused literally walk on to the crowd, the crowd "surfing" wasn't as impressive either. It was a good set, not amazing.

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    Perhaps you should check out some videos again.

    AWOLNATION was a top 5 moment in the HISTORY of Coachella. Period.

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    you are trying too hard buddy. nobody gives a shit

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