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    Hey guys, I'm doing some PR stuff for this new band called Big Paraid. They're out in Chicago so if any of you are from out there you should definitely check them out! The production company I'm working for just shot their first music video, it's pretty sweet. I'd love to hear what you guys think, though I feel like, knowing these boards, I'm just going to get a ton of shit! Hah

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    This is better than most of the new bands at Coachella. Is that filter on the singer's voice because he's not a very good singer or just for aesthetics?

    Also, shit, is it possible to hear a song nowadays without them going "la la la" or "heeeeeeeeeeey" or something equivalent at some point?

    Overall though, it's good.
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    Im with Randy here. The song is good and certainly catchy enough, but I am not a fan of the singer's voice. Or, at least, whatever is going on with his voice in this song.

    Also, I don't really understand the music video, but it looks like it would have been a total blast to shoot.

    They planning on going on tour soon? If they are and want to come to Vancouver, I could help get them a show/ do some publicity for them.
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    They're good, nothin' special though. Pretty identical to every other 2000's indie band.. That being said, I can see them becoming huge/the next flavor of the month.

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