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Thread: looking for campspot!

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    Default looking for campspot!

    looking for car camping spot for weekend 1! Plz help.

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    Default Re: looking for campspot!

    Do you have money this year?
    Wow, 12 step meetings at Coachella, who knew? SOBERCHELLA.COM

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    Default Re: looking for campspot!

    LOTUS. I got you. For real. Camp with me bb.

    3/6: Steffi, Virginia @ Mighty
    3/14: Simian Mobile Disco b2b Roman Flugel, JPhlip @ PW
    3/21: Cymbals Eat Guitars @ GAMH
    3/21: Adam X @ TBA
    3/23: HINDS @ Rickshaw Stop
    3/24: Tim Hecker, Oren Ambarchi @ The Independent
    4/6: Hookworms, Disappears @ The Rickshaw Stop

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    Default Re: looking for campspot!

    welcome back
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    Default Re: looking for campspot!

    Iv had money every yr duh! Coachella isnt for broke people as u can tell by the fucked up prices!

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    Default Re: looking for campspot!

    That would be awesome your still on my fb? I have one camp spot but I wanna combine another if your down. Ill bring a lot of drinks, food and herb . Inbox me here of fb and we will talk im down to help with anything u need as well! Thanx much love.

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    Default Re: looking for campspot!

    A combined Zach/Lotus campsite would create a black hole of incoherency in the universe.
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    Default Re: looking for campspot!

    can we get a ustream of the camptsite?
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    Default Re: looking for campspot!

    Hell ya if u get me one. Id be hella down im trying to hook it all up. Lol

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