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Thread: Long distance road trip challenge

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    Default Long distance road trip challenge

    what I'm looking to do for any one who is interested is see who can stop at an authentic Texas Whataburger and a actual California In N Out in the least amount of time.

    *1 keep your recept. this will be how we determine when and where you stopped at each. if your recept has the wrong time it's up to you to prove you where there when you said you where

    *2 no air travel. if you show up in a a car with an enterprise sticker and cali plates you're out of the running

    *3 The whataburger must be in Texas (no OK, LA, NM, or AZ locations count and all the good ones are in TX anyway.) and the In N Out must be in Cali (the ones in Dallas, Vegas and Arizona dont count) your recept will say where you where at.

    *4 Speeding. not really the point of this contest but I'll allow it. as someone with a triple digit speeding ticket i certainly don't need another and won't be pushing it that hard, but that being said if you think you can get away with tearing threw the dessert at 140 mph for 1000 miles be my guest.
    *5 the results are based on least amount of time passed between the two recepts. this levels the playing field for people coming from even farther east and when you actually arrive at Coachella dosent matter as long as your time is the shortest
    *6 Prize if anyone is interested in trying this we can discuss a prize or buying into a pot to make things interesting

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    Default Re: Long distance road trip challenge

    If anyone wants to pay me a portion of the pot I will hit an in n out for yOu in ca at a predetermIned time after you hit up the nasty waterburger.

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