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    19th Feb 1995, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee married Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson on a Cancun beach, Mexico, the bride wore a white bikini. Anderson and Lee who married only four days after meeting had videotaped their sexual activities while on vacation which was later stolen and released on the Internet. After suing the video company who released the tape, the Lees entered into a confidential settlement agreement.

    Full story:

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    Hmmm.... intriguing.

    8/29: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard @ The Rickshaw Stop
    8/29: Jack J @ 222 Hyde
    9/13: Dirtybird BBQ @ Treasure Island
    9/13: Man Man @ The Independent
    9/18: The Acid @ The Chapel
    9/18: Octave One, Solar, Vin Sol @ Mighty
    9/20: Max Graef, Huxley, Glenn Astro @ The Midway
    9/23-27: Decibel Festival
    9/29: Titus Andronicus @ The Chapel

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    I met Tommy Lee at Coachella in 2003. He was riding across the Polo Fields on a segway and he stopped near us. Some random person offered him a joint, but the man with Lee didn't allow the fan to give it to him.

    Nice guy, though.
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    Him and Deadmau5 are like bff's or something

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    September 11 - Negură Bunget
    September 14 - GY!BE
    September 19 - Chelsea Wolfe
    September 20 - Titus Andronicus
    September 25 - Kraftwerk
    October 1 - The Zombies
    October 10 - The Sword& Kadavar
    October 13 - Autechre
    October 14 - Ghost
    November 4 - Puscifer
    November 7 - FFF/Mayhem/Watain/Rotting Christ
    November 13 - Housecore Horror Fest
    November 14 - Deafheaven
    March 24 - David Gilmour

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