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    Thank you. Seriously, thank you. I wasn't planning on going this year after last years let down and swore it was going to be my last year. I was forced to go cause I bought a ticket before the line up was announced. I've been to over 100 festivals in my life and Coachella is hands down the best production by far. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping it real with this years Sahara line up. This will be my last (until I have kids and get to take them for their first time) and I couldn't ask for a better way to end it... Richie, Loco Dice, Maya, Joris and Luciano are my personal favs and I'm looking for to seeing Paul Kalkbrenner and Roni Size on the big system. Plus, this is going to be my girls first Coachella experience. So, if the person who books the tent is reading this... Many Thanks!

    Edit: If you plan on putting the aforementioned artist in the "New Tent"...that's just fucked up. These cats deserve the Sahara and it's legacy.
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    I can only imagine two of the acts you mentioned actually being in the Sahara. Richie Hawtin and Paul Kalkbrenner. But I could also see Kalkbrenner being a late night Mojave set ala Modeselektor last year cuz I think he does a live set and Sahara tends to be DJ's only nowadays (he's also not quite cheesy/mainstream friendly enough for Sahara). But those two are probably the only two from your list that are popular enough for Sahara. The rest will all be in the new dance tent/stage (if you haven't noticed, there's about twice as many DJ's on the line up this year compared to last year).

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