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Thread: LA to Indio Weekend 1. Wanting Lift

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    Default LA to Indio Weekend 1. Wanting Lift

    Hello fellow Coachellians

    After the best weekend of my life last year with my friends, I've decided to come back this year to your wonderful country and awesome festival! I'll be making the trip solo this year unfortunately; having just purchased a weekend one ticket I don't really have plans for things to do the days leading up to Coachella, travel plans or accommodation anywhere.
    I'm coming from Australia and this will be the second leg in a string of countries Ill be going to and one of 6 music festival(Being a music photographer allows me to do this).
    I'll be flying into LA on the 8th of April but will most likely just be couchsurfing it.

    So if anyone would like in attendance a kindly 22y/o Australian male in their midsts I'd be ever so eagerly inclined to split for gas money and accommodation. I have minimal baggage and am an excellent road trip partner if I must say so myself.
    I can be quiet when I need to be or quite merry and mischievous when I've got a festival wristband on.

    p.s Willing to meet anywhere around LA

    p.p.s not a psycho

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    Default Re: LA to Indio Weekend 1. Wanting Lift

    Minimal baggage? You got yourself a deal.
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    Default Re: LA to Indio Weekend 1. Wanting Lift

    I'm in the same boat, I don't have any luggage, just me and my backpack. Can I hitch a ride or maybe hang on to the bumper while on my hoverboard?

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