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Thread: LAX to Coachella 2nd Weekend

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    Default LAX to Coachella 2nd Weekend

    Hi everyone I'm looking for a ride from LAX to Coachella for the 2nd weekend. I'll arrive at 11pm in LA would be great if I can join anyone departing around that time. Friday morning is also fine. Contact me if you can help, I appreciate it!

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    Hey there, im leaving to coachella Thursday night
    Its me plus my cousin we have a car camping pass
    Tell me about yourself

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    Laidback guy from the Netherlands, 20, exchange student at UIowa and just having a great time in America. Coachella's my attempt to make it even more amazing. I'm open to new experiences and definitely prepared to make this one memorable. If you want to know more just ask, happy to answer anything
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