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Thread: Sigur Rós at Santa Barbara Bowl PIT FACE VALUE

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    Default Sigur Rós at Santa Barbara Bowl PIT FACE VALUE


    I bought 4 pit tickets for Sigur Rós at the Santa Barbara Bowl on 4/19. Turns out 2 of my friends can't go anymore, so I need to offload 2 of the tickets.

    I'm asking FACE VALUE (plus what I paid for shipping)
    That amounts to $148.15 for the 2 tickets.
    Hard tickets, not PDFs.

    I can meet at a Starbucks somewhere in LA or we can use PayPal.
    If you want to use PayPal you're gonna have to pay for shipping though.

    PM me if you're interested!
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    Default Re: Sigur Rós at Santa Barbara Bowl PIT FACE VALUE

    Still available. I would love to sell them at face value to a true fan before resorting to Stubhub.
    Show is almost sold out btw, and Sigur Rós confirmed there are no California dates to be announced this year (aka no April LA show).

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