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Thread: Pair of 2 Weekend 1 GA Passes for sale

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    Default Pair of 2 Weekend 1 GA Passes for sale

    Hi, I have two weekend 1 GA Passes for sale. I will ship via FedEx once I receive them from Coachella. If anyone is interested in them, please let me know and we can make arrangements. If you prefer to go through ebay for security, I have 100% positive feedback or can give whatever other references you might want to see. I'm not able to get out of work obligations to make it this year and am hoping to help out a fellow music lover.

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    Default Re: Pair of 2 Weekend 1 GA Passes for sale

    Hey Dude, I would love to help out. My friend and I decided to go the day after they sold out and we would be grateful for the opportunity. Ill send you a pm with my contact info.

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