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Thread: 2 Weekend 1 Passes FS

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    Default 2 Weekend 1 Passes FS

    Got 2 weekend 1 passes for sale, for face value of course.

    eBay feedback can be found here:

    Go ahead and shoot me a message through eBay to confirm.

    Of course pass would be sent out in March-April.

    Reply on here or shoot me an email.


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    Exclamation BEWARE: THIS GUY IS A SCAM

    this guy is a scam. just tried to buy them from him and he tried to get me to paypal him money without any secure method of ensuring i got the tickets. i hope nobody falls for this guys scam. dont buy anything from megaman!!!

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    Default Re: 2 Weekend 1 Passes FS

    You're attempting to buy tickets from a stranger on the internet. Tickets that, coincidentally, that not a single person on the planet currently has in their possession. Enlighten us as to how this guy can ensure that you have a secure method of receiving the tickets that he himself does not have. Not saying this guy isn't trying to rip you off but what were you honestly expecting? Just wait until April when the bracelets are sent out.

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