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Bumblebee, to establish how fucking stupid your question is, let's assume for the sake of argument that the answer is "no." No, Phoenix will not be able "to full [sic] entertain the other 60K people there, which is 75% of those who bought passes." So what, then? What is the point of asking the question?

Will people riot? Go home early? Go see what's on the other stages instead? Not buy passes next year?

What, quite literally, is the point of your endless concern trolling about who "deserves" to headline and what the respective audience count was at various headlining sets at Coachella and other festivals over the years?
I'm curious what album promo Phoenix do before the festival beyond the single.

How Paul plans the schedule for Saturday evening. Add another last minute headliner(yeah right) if Lolla and Bonaroo top liners are a killer poker hand.