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Thread: Tell Us About The 2013 Lineup

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    Default Tell Us About The 2013 Lineup

    This thread is basically to help educate the board on bands they might be unfamiliar with. Adding a description and some YouTube videos would be helpful. I'll keep an updated list of bands that already have been discussed.


    Modest Mouse
    Danny Brown

    Modest Mouse

    The American rock band on their own stand as one of the best bands to break out of the late 1990′s, and their longevity, dedication, uniqueness have made them one of the more revered bands in the U.S. till today. With 5 albums under their belt between 1996 and 2007, Modest Mouse have certainly earned their way to near the top of the Coachella billing, and their performance will no doubt echo the quality of their records over the last decade.

    Their impressive catalog features classic albums The Lonesome Crowded West and Good News for People Who Love Bad News, and countless popular and just flat out great songs ranging from “Dramamine” and “Gravity Rides Everything” from their first two albums, to “Float On” (their most popular record) and “Dashboard” from recent offerings. Each of their albums tells a different story, and we’re sure to get a great glimpse into the band. There’s also rumblings of a new album to come out relatively soon, possibly this year, which makes things even more interesting.

    Now why are we so excited for Modest Mouse at Coachella? Well, this is going to be their highest profile performance in California in the last 5 years. Their music also fits amazingly well on one of the outdoor stages, where they are sure to be performing to kick off the first Coachella night. And they have a song “Float On” that could set the mood for the entire weekend. The potential for a standout, 40,000 person singalong moment is high, and those are always the best.

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    Danny Brown

    Danny Brown, formerly know as Dee Luciano, is a unique talent to say the least. Brown has received critical acclaim the past few years for his unconventional humor, fluctuating voice, and overall–for lack of a better word–swag. Brown made his way to hipster stardom in 2011 when he released the very well-received album XXX on A-Trak’s Fools Gold. XXX was a vulgar, blunt, but very methodical introduction to his style, that today has him touring with A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q. Brown has reported that his next album, currently titled ODB, is finished and ready to be packaged. Although there is no released date set for ODB, it should be out sometime in 2013. Brown is known for being all sorts of ignant on stage and a Coachella stage seems to be the perfect storm.

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    white power?!

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