So, a couple of my friends are crapping out for the weekend and the other two were given another hotel reservation. As it stands right now, I may be alone for a two night stay at the hotel I reserved. I can not afford this by myself, so I'm going to persue some other options.

With that said, in a week from now I may be looking to pass my reservation onto someone else. The reservation is at Marriott's Shadow Ridge in Palm Desert. It's for Friday the 27th & Saturday the 28th. Check out Sunday morning. Didn't reserve Sunday night because I usually head home shortly after the festival.

Anyways, the cost is $169 per night plus taxes. Total cost for the two nights = $368.42. The room has a king size bed, sleeper sofa in living room, full kitchen, dining room, bathroom and washer/dryer. The max people is "4" but I'm sure you could sneak in a couple more. I was trying to get 6 people in on it.

If you're interested in this deal please respond. However, it's not guaranteed I'm going to give up the reservation just yet. If some people respond whom I think I'd enjoy spending the weekend with, I may transfer the reservation over to ya, but still request that I stay for the two nights. Either way, I'm not asking for any money in order to get this done. I'd like to hand it over to someone deserving and honest, so please let me know. Otherwise I may just cancel it and not pass it along at all.