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Anybody bear witness to the train wreck last year known as Yuck? My friends and I watched that set in awe, waiting for the lead singer to keel over from malnutrition. We even made up a drinking game counting the track marks on his forearm.
Yeah, I liked there album, but the live performance fell way short. And the one dude did look very unhealthy. One of the most diasappointing performances of 2012. However, the most disappointing performance last year, in my opinion, was Wild Flag. Again, I liked the album, but they really needed to practice before taking the stage. They weren't playing together.

I've only seen one partial meltdown at Coachella, and most won't consider it to be so. 2010 - Echo and the Bunnymen. They were having some sound problems and it really through the preformance. Ian was in a pissy mood the whole set. If he wasn't enjoying performing, it's hard for the audience to enjoy it, as it comes across.