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    Quote Originally Posted by anonimouse View Post
    sounds great. if i wanted to fly a flag at a festival i know the one to go to now since this isnt Glastonbury

    TEN FEET WIDE, you are 5'7" and there is no way you can hold it high enough to block somebodies view? are you a T-rex?

    i'm guessing this is your first coachella so lets put it this way: there is no way you can be remotely close to the main stage and have a flag visible to the band while not blocking other people's views. just because you have "no intention" of blocking somebody's view doesnt mean you wont incidentally. i'm assuming you're british so lets go with more stereotypes and assume you'll be drinking anyway so by the time the stone roses go on you'll have such an "I LIEK THE SAME FOOTBALL TEAM AS YOU!!!!" boner that you WILL hold that flag up and you WILL most likely block people's views. you can go for it but A) flags aren't allowed and B) the general consensus here seems to be "fuck flags", so expect more of that at the show if you do get it in.
    This post made me genuinely LOL. Well done. I'm Irish and not English by the way but the stereotype still clearly fits just fine. Yes I plan on drinking a lot and doing whatever else I can get my hands on too. Is this not the done thing at Coachella? Is everyone a bit too cool for that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychic friend View Post
    nothing personal or rude or whatever based on other people's opinions. also, dont speed while driving. there are speed limits here in america.
    I live in America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mozza View Post
    I live in America.
    And you just now learning about speed limits Geeesh.....
    Quote Originally Posted by Radiohead View Post
    I've done a lot of things at music festivals in my day. And like most people, sure, I've fingered some butt holes during LCD Soundsystem. No big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRSCOTT View Post
    And you just now learning about speed limits Geeesh.....

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    First it's flags...then it's very tall obese people with abnormally large heads wearing giant hats large enough to provide shade for that sputnik sized cranium! Fuck this shit...
    Quote Originally Posted by billtino View Post
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    Then laker flags....
    I remember the days when water was free and porn cost money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mozza View Post
    He's impatient and arrogant
    Quote Originally Posted by mrhand View Post
    Keep on chugging. 788 more posts and you can submit your application.
    TRAVI$ SCOTT for 2015

    It's GSW Hooper. As in Golden State Warriors...

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    For our flag dude ..... cr**** old news I'm sure .

    'F****** hell!' - Mancini responds to Pellegrini to Manchester City rumors
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