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Thread: J Dilla tribute "Space Orangutan Gang"

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    Default J Dilla tribute "Space Orangutan Gang"

    hello Coachella

    i found a artist (while searchin for a Madlib/J Dilla/Flylo playlist on yt) that i'm fond of as of late that released a J Dilla tribute today for his birthday. he's called Time Travelling Toaster. and yes, i came here in hopes to spread the noise. coachella is all about new music right? so here goes

    *click image to listen*

    his channel:

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    Default Re: J Dilla tribute "Space Orangutan Gang"

    EPIC first post Triple T. Is this a confirmation you'll be at Coachella? Looks like we have found the substitute for a true electronic headliner to replace Daft Punk right here.
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    Default Re: J Dilla tribute "Space Orangutan Gang"

    that i'd like to see! but i wish i made music, im just a fan. *not throwin shade at dp*

    perhaps one day we will hear this dude at coachella, or we can say he started big from coachella lol

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    Default Re: J Dilla tribute "Space Orangutan Gang"

    I like this! Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: J Dilla tribute "Space Orangutan Gang"

    ive been playing this all day. really sounds orangutan lol im gonna try and communicate w him to come here

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    Default Re: J Dilla tribute "Space Orangutan Gang"

    Ha ha, just reached him on YT. Hopefully he comes here to bring us some music.

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