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Thread: I LOVE THIS THING! - Quick fix for dead Iphone/Android

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    Lightbulb I LOVE THIS THING! - Quick fix for dead Iphone/Android

    Hey just thought I would share this little gem with the coachella community. Its a small portable back-up battery for smart phones, this thing has saved my ass when I need my phone most, and its only 20 bucks!!!

    Check it out, I definitely recommend this for campers. I'll be bringing mine to coachella just in case I need a quick recharge and i dont want to miss any bands.
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    Default Re: I LOVE THIS THING! - Quick fix for dead Iphone/Android

    I LOVE THIS THING MORE! A even better fix for multiple Iphone/Android/tablets/iPads/etc

    Your thing "Quickly charges — 5.5 hours, on average."

    That's great and all, but if you want something faster, I'd recommend this Anker Astro3 battery. It has multiple outlets so you can charge multiple devices. It is also 10000 mAh vs 2500 mAh for the one you linked. More importantly, however, it'll charge your phone much faster. Plugging into this Anker is like plugging into a normal wall outlet with your OEM charger. If your phone normally takes an hour to charge from dead to full, that's how long it'll take with the Anker. I'd highly recommend the Anker as it'll charge your phone and everyone else's phone on your campsite at the same time multiple times over. If you really only want some emergency juice just for yourself that is not noticeable in your pocket, than the one you suggest would work, but if you want ultra mega charging power at your campsite without using your car or an inadequate solar charger, I'd suggest a look at the Anker Astro3.
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    Thanks for sharing! definitely going to come in handy

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