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Thread: Bassnectar 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajo209 View Post

    last week at ultra
    jeez, he dropped some underworld in there. that's great! Bassnecture is a lot of fun

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    i feel as if thats part of the experience that comes with nectar. Not many djs can put together the amazing sets this guy can and if anyone knows bassnectar each show is completely different from the last. Nectar is on a 3 week sprint after coachella hitting the smallest venues he can fit it and i swear thats where the real bassheads wanna be!!!

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    When Bassenectar played Coachella 2010, he opened with a sick remix of Pendulum - Masochist, he played his More Human than Human remix and he dropped the Seek and Destroy remix, I almost don't want to see him cause I doubt he can compete with himself on that set.
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    Bassnectar is so next level. I have seen him probably 8 times in the past few years and he destroys EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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    Hearing Bassnectar drop his "Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds" remix AND his "Rez" Remix were highlights of the weekend. Anyone else got there mind blown by those Beatles visuals?

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    I wish I could have enjoyed more of his set, but a fight broke out in the crowd about 5 minutes into the set, on the front left entrance. we were pushed back in this little corner by the chain link & this dude just punches this guys straight in the face as they are trying to get in the show, and then he takes off into the crowd & the dude who got punched (or his friend, cant remember) was reaching over the crowd trying to grab this guy and beat his ass. But he just kept taunting him and moving away from him. Just totally killed the vibe for me & the crowd was just way over packed. It was a great set tho after we slithered out of there and caught it from the back.
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