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Thread: Water at the car camping?

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    Question Water at the car camping?

    Hello I plan on bringing lots of water, but I was wondering is there a place at the campsite that we can fill our water jugs up when they run out? I noticed that there is a place to get coffee and hot water, but I am asking about water like a faucet that you can bring your jug to at the camp grounds. Thanks its my first time and looking forward to it so much.

    -Val El paso TX

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    I remember seeing at least one set of faucets last year in car camping. I'm bringing plastic jugs to fill up for portable shower, etc.

    Bring a wagon with you if you have room, it's easier to transport water that way opposed to carrying it. It's a long weekend, save your energy.

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    If you go to the Camping Map from last year, you can see that they had one:

    There was only one station for all of the camping people, so it tended to have very long lines mid-morning through early afternoon. I recommend filling up after the music ends each night.

    Also, it was very far for most people. We were lucky enough to be about 100 feet from it, but most people had quite a walk. Either bring something easy to carry or bring a wagon or something to roll it over.

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    Don't forget to take advantage of daily ice melt in your ice chest. We filter it for drinking water and making coffee and tea. Much better than just watering the polo fields.
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