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Thread: Changes to the camping map

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    Lightbulb Changes to the camping map

    Are they really not using lot 5 this year? Kind of bummed if they arent because if you got placed in there for car camping it was always really peaceful and there were never really lines for showers. And if you were at the top of lot 8 it also made for a closer set of showers since lot 8 is so big.
    I guess the replacement for it is lot 4 but if i remember correctly that was the tent camping of last year ( and those poor tent camping souls always get stuck in the most far off and desolate land of coachella imaginable this year being no different)
    Just wanted to get peoples thoughts on it since i tried searching but couldnt find a discussion on the matter yet. Also wondering if anyone thinks that means they will fill lot 8 with cars first and then work from there or what your ideas for filling the lots might be.
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    Default Re: Changes to the camping map

    get over it
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