So my boyfriend and I got tickets to Coachella! We have been to Bonnaroo, since we are from Atlanta (have been living in Cleveland for 6 months though...), but Coachella is a first for us (ITS SO FAR AWAY!!!). Unfortunately, NONE of our friends could join us and we all know that at music festivals- THE MORE THE MERRIER!!! So since my boyfriend and I are pretty social, we are hoping to just go and meet some new people!

SOOOO going to Coachella for us is expensive because we had to buy the tickets, buy airline tickets to CA, rent a car, ect... and i'll be missing 2 days of law school. BUT, IT WILL TOTALLY BE WORTH IT if I know for sure that we can meet some people and just chill with them!! So basically my question is, do people at Coachella mainly stay with their own group of friends? or will we be able to come and be able to find a some people we can chill with?? I guess even if we didn't find people it would still be awesome but I love music festivals because of all the different type of people! Any ideas, opinions? just let me know! thanks!


P.S. We have our own camping pass so we are not looking for a place to camp out, lol.