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Thread: Fun Discussion/Argument Starter - Your Top 100 All Time Revisions

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    Default Fun Discussion/Argument Starter - Your Top 100 All Time Revisions

    Which 10 albums do you feel are least deserving of a spot in Acclaimed Music's all time top 100 list, why, and what would you replace each with. Obviously, most of the stuff I'm suggesting don't belong in the all time top 100 are still great records, but this could ignite some fun conversation on what people feel are truly the best and how these lists are compiled.

    Here's the Link

    And here are my choices.

    1. Push out Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland - a production landmark, and has some phenomenal tracks, but Hendrix was never an A+ songwriter, and that really comes through on this album, especially on that mediocre side 2. This is still and easy top 500 album, probably top 200, but top 100, no. Replace with a 90s/00s act that beat him at his own game with Sleater-Kinney's The Woods.

    2. Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue - Granted, the site only claims best albums, not best albums in a genre, but I've always taken issue with jazz or big band albums uninfluenced by Rock like Sinatra's In The Wee Small Hours showing up on what are clearly Rock/Soul/Blues and those genre's spawns lists. I have no problem with later records like Bitches Brew where rock was part of the equation. So lose Kind Of Blue, replace with Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

    3 & 4. Neil Young's After The Gold Rush & Harvest. Bmack is blowing a gasket right now, but my issue is not that Neil Young is included in the top 100, but that they've got the wrong albums...Tonight's The Night, Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere, and Ragged Glory all rate higher than Gold Rush or Harvest in my book...but I also don't feel Neil's that great on record from a consistency standpoint that he deserves two spots...So swap in Tonight's The Night for Gold Rush, and give Harvest's spot to a just as great act that's not presently in the top 100 with Something Else By The Kinks.

    5. David Bowie - Hunky Dory - I love Bowie, but like Neil, an artist whose front to back excellence album to album is a touch overrated. He's got three in the top 100, Low and Ziggy are both better and more influential than Dory, so Dory goes, and in a huge upgrade, gets replaced with Another Green World from his frequent collaborator Brian Eno.

    6. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti - Another case of just not the right album...2 & 4 already ranked ahead, I feel 1 & 3 also better, but I'm going to bump Zeppelin and get ahead of the curve with another band that most will site as one of this decades very best down the road with Swan's The Seer.

    7. The Stooges - Raw Power - I've always had huge issues with this album, not the album itself, I love it, but with how high it scores in polls...the first two Stooges albums are flat out one of a kind unique. Raw Power has always been so conventional sounding by comparison. And as good as the Stooges were, in no way should they have more albums in the top 100 than the Velvet give up Raw Power's spot to White Light/White Heat.

    8. John Lennon - Imagine - Yes, the opening track is iconic, but after that, this album is weak sauce and the one on this list I'd argue discerning ears wouldn't even put in the top 500 if they heard blind without Lennon's name attached to it. Blast it way down in the rankings and replace with an underrated classic from the same era, Rod Stewart's Every Picture Tells A Story.

    9. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme - Another bump because it's jazz title - Let's get another more recent classic in here with LCD Soundsystem's Sound Of Silver.

    10. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures - Two albums in the top 100 for this band is plain and simple one too many when so many other great 80s acts haven't cracked list. Closer's not going anywhere, so Pleasures has to go. Offering a choice here...either Replacements Let It Be, or The Pretenders.

    So what ten titles would you most want to move out?
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