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Thread: 2 Women without camping passes- REALLY want to camp! Sharing is Caring.We have Money!

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    Default 2 Women without camping passes- REALLY want to camp! Sharing is Caring.We have Money!

    Yo! My name is Becky and Sharon and I will be coming to our first Coachella festival WEEKEND 1.
    We missed out on getting a tent pass- and normally just show up places and chance it- but if possible to arrange something before- that would be sick.
    Jump straight into the experience when we get there with no worries and some people to look forward camping with!

    So we have a small tent- love to set it up with some rad people. We don't care who- obviously we already have a few things in common.
    I know you don't know us- but that's okay- because we do- and we can tell you that we are pretty much awesome... lol no but serious, we are up for everything, respectful, trustworthy, dance worthy. We are both travelers and choosing to spend the cashola for this festival experience...
    We'll pitch on the the cost of your spot with no problems.

    About us:
    I'm a 27 year old from Saskatchewan, Canada and Sharon is a young 30 year old from Scotland. (Currently, working at Sunshine in Banff, AB)
    If you are younger than us and intimidated by our ages- you honestly wouldn't know we are mid-mature in age... we are single, love to party, love to travel and love to live life day-to-day ... honestly, just loving life man.
    We met last March in Guatemala and did some camping and travel around Central America together before we came to Canada to do some Cherry Picking for a few months. We've been on different paths for the past 4 months... but this festival will be our reunion. We were tenting in the rainy season in Central America- love to camp .... even more importantly- love to live cheaply heh- care to share???

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    Default Re: 2 Women without camping passes- REALLY want to camp! Sharing is Caring.We have Mo

    Youth, you son of a bitch, where did you go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Emma Ocean View Post
    so I assume you've never been cunt punched at a festival? Well lucky you!

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