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Thread: Green Line Shuttle Parking?

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    Default Green Line Shuttle Parking?

    Has anyone had issues parking all day at the Albertsons where the Green Line pick up/drop off is?

    The last few years I've stayed at the Holiday Inn Express across the street and walked over, but will be staying at the one in Rancho Mirage this year. I'm not sure whether it will be preferable to use that stop or Indian Wells instead.

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    Default Re: Green Line Shuttle Parking?

    i can say the tennis garden line has plenty plenty plenty plenty of parking, when i leave for the fest and return back to the tennis garden (end of night/ fest curfew) there are 100s of open spots still

    if this doesn't help hopefully someone responds about the albertsons.

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    Default Re: Green Line Shuttle Parking?

    I would call the shuttle company.

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    Indian Wells. Plenty of parking that doesn't have a chance of running out. FWIW you're not supposed to park in the Albertson's lot and there's a chance that you could get towed. Last year when I got off the shuttle several people were parked there but I dunno why you would take the chance. Just park at Indian Wells.

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