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What about Disclosure closing the Gobi against RHCP and Pretty Lights? And putting Eric Prydz before pretty lights? I know billing doesn't always mean everything but it seems like with the top two sahara acts on the third line being first and second that Dog Blood will go into bassnectar, benny bennasi will go into knife party, and eric prydz will go into pretty lights? I know in another thread everyone was saying infected mushroom would close sahara but didnt everyone say that about amon tobins rig last year? he closed mojave is there a chance infected mushroom will too?
The highest billed Sahara act doesn't always go against the headliner. Last year, Guetta went against Bon Iver, and it was Kaskade that closed it against Radiohead. Avicii went against Dre Week 1, but they bumped him down for Week 2. And then on Friday, the highest billed EDM act closed the mainstage. Based on that, I would say it is more likely that Pretty Lights will go up against Nick Cave. Anyway, Pretty Lights will have more fan overlap with RHCP than Eric Prydz.