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Thread: I'm sorry if this has been asked before! Just a quick question.

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    Question I'm sorry if this has been asked before! Just a quick question.

    I've never been to Coachella. I'll try to make this simple enough to not waste your time.

    My wife and I are stationed at a base. Active Duty.
    We saw a guy selling Coachella tickets on Craigslist (near us) and messaged him.
    He's actually stationed here as well, it turns out. When the wristbands ship, he's willing to sell us the pair for face value.

    Will I run into any problems? I'm only asking because we'll be investing a whole lot into this, and to be turned at the gate would be, quite literally, the worst thing ever. I think it's trustworthy, as we'll get wristbands from him, plus he's stationed where we are, and he's an officer. If he runs a scam, his career is basically done.

    Basically, I'm just making sure I don't need anything special, traveling thousands of miles to CA and having ticket proofs that don't have my name on it.

    Lastly, are we allowed to camp on the grounds with just the passes? This is a bit of a secondary thing. I'm trying to see if we'll have to book a hotel or something.

    That's about it, really. Thanks!
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