This is sort of a bullshit metric, but it discusses the placement of this year's acts on the poster.

Data visualization agency JESS3 decided to put the Coachella poster through a little experiment by ranking all musical 177 acts by the number of their Facebook fans to find out one thing: "Are the most popular acts getting their proper share of the spotlight?"

The answer: yes. Kind of. At more than 20 million Facebook likes, the Red Hot Chili Peppers is absolutely in the right spot on the Coachella poster. So are the other headliner bands Phoenix and Blur.

British headliner band Stone Roses didn't make the cut because they had less than one million Facebook fans. Other outlier bands include German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner, which has the second-highest amount of Facebook fans but is just squished in the middle of the lineup. Cafe Tacvba, which also has over one million fans on Facebook, is similarly positioned on the Coachella poster.