You admit that they did "settle for TuPac." Regardless of your instinctual hater mentality, the beef between E, Dre, and Snoop was one of the most epic in music history. Tupac isn't even from the west coast. Do some research. He represented the east before he came out here and jumped on that California tit. To me, that shows someone with a wavering dedication. Dude was a phony. Not saying anything about his style of rap, but I wouldn't put much faith in his words or lore. At least Eazy E didn't bullshit you about who he was. I knew they wouldn't do the song, but I still hoped they would. Is that too much for you to accept? You might want to consider what's really important to you if you're going to trip out on this days in a row. Sounds like a developing heart condition. Swag.