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Thread: Need a ride? LA to Coachella/visa versa

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    Cool Need a ride? LA to Coachella/visa versa

    So I'm going to weekend 2 by myself so I'm going to have room in my car for a person or two depending how much crap I decide to bring which probably wont be much, so if anyone in the 626 area or nearby, needs a ride, I might offer you a ride, I say might because I don't want to get carjacked, murdered, or worse just be stuck in the car with annoying or smelly people. Priority to those around my age (23). So if you need a ride, PM me your age, where you need a ride from, and why I should spend 4hours giving you a ride to or from Coachella.

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    Default Re: Need a ride? LA to Coachella/visa versa

    I am interested. My email is
    I am 23yo, nice well spoken mature guy. Can throw down some money to help with gas if needed.
    Please get back to me if there is still an opening.

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