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Thread: Anyone from Santa Barbara?

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    Default Anyone from Santa Barbara?

    It's a long shot, but is anyone from Santa Barbara (or Goleta, Montecito, etc.) driving to or from Coachella on Saturday or Sunday?

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    Default Re: Anyone from Santa Barbara?

    I live in SB(right of of Turnpike near San Marcos High School) i'll give u a ride if u help wit gas or weed. I am still tryin to get tickets but i have guranteed for 320 from a friend in town or I am trying to get one off the tickets forum either way I am for sure going. Did you go to highschool here in SB if so which one?
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    Default Re: Anyone from Santa Barbara?

    I'm driving down from SLO, would be tight to have someone to chat with on the long ass drive.

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