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Thread: Meeting the NICEST ppl @ Coachella

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    It was 2011 and I fainted. Yes I admit I was one of those. . .I suppose there wasn't enough ventilation in my afro and that desert sun pruned me up pretty good and the faint happened. Now when I regained consciousness, what was a crowded shoulder to shoulder regime, was a perfectly circled sanctuary of worried faces. With me at the center I was blown on by 5 people, and fanned down by a few others, a white guy (w/ some serious dreds) was rubbing my back telling me to breath, a girl tied up my hair, and they got me some water. After a couple minutes they all decided to crowd surf me to the front, I was a good 10 rows back, but made it to security. Every one was so nice and understanding, left a good memory.

    But srsly I've met some of the coolest strangers (now good friends) at this concert, each year seems to not disappoint.
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