We are two 21 year old guys who have 2 tickets for weekend 2, but no camping pass! We'll be coming in from Arizona, and can pick you up if you're willing to share your car camping pass, and we're fucking awesome to camp with too. We went to Coachella 2010 and had an awesome time. We both spin fire, and dance our faces off. We listen to ALL different kinds of music, and there are just too many favorites to name. We are very good friends, but if you're coming alone or even with other friends, if you're with us, you'll be a part of our group and our group is tight like goonies. Just be prepared to boogie all night. We will also have a shade structure because worship the sun but fear it just the same.

We can also buy a camping pass from someone, if we can't find anyone willing to share it for a ride. But where's the fun in that? Message me on here and I can provide my facebook link and let me know about yourself. My name is Evan and my friend's name is John, Here's a little about us:

Dancing.Water. Booze. Don't leave your trash for others to pick up. Inclusion. Expression. Random jams and spontaneity. Painted faces and naked bodies. Fire. Geometry, symmetry. Fur. Healthy food. Spicy Pie. Eating buttholes out. Simplicity. Snowboarding. Animal Pleasures. Forgetfulness. These are all elements to a lifestyle in which we subscribe. We are East Coast burners, come dance with us.