Greetings all:

A group of 6 of us were looking to fly into LA from Miami on April 9th, spend a few days in LA, and drive to Indio Thursday to camp out and try to get a good spot. A few inquiries:

*Would any of you California natives be able to tell us a good area/neighborhood to try and find lodging for those two days? We were thinking HomeAway, and there seem to be lots of good spots, but we are really unsure as to what a solid area would be. We are renting a car, so proximity is not a huge issue, although I understand that LA traffic is twice as bad as ours here.

*How early do people seeking ideal camping spots tend to get to the festival on Thursday?

*Would any of you guys be interesting in meeting up/hanging with us? Four guys, two gals, mid 20's, all from Miami. We want to make this a great experience and are looking to make our camping situation as social and fun as possible. If perchance we see each other, I guarantee a friendly, marginally intelligent bunch.

I appreciate everyone's help in advance. As Coachella rookies, I know this may warrant some flames from the board vets, and I look to take that in stride.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Indio!